Captain America: Civil War

I’ve been waiting for this movie ever since Avengers: The Weekend of Ultron gave me a serious case of super hero blue balls. After being disappointed by that one I had to manage my expectations for this third instalment of the Captain America movies. Hope for the movie, though, came in the form of the Russo brothers, who inexplicably out of nowhere somehow managed to direct a good Captain America: Winter Soldier despite nobody really wanting to see Captain America on screen again, and whose last movie credit being You, Me and Dupree.

Civil War features Tony Stark, man with too much time and money on his hands, and Captain America, professional frisbee player, squaring off in a battle of the titans. Their hero antics have finally caught up to then and the UN wants them to be held accountable for the collateral damage that they cause while saving the world. While Tony sides with the UN, Captain America would rather a rogue team that he can command on his whim despite having probably killed thousands of innocent civilians in their past escapades (you can tell who I side with). Joining them is the biggest superhero cast you can imagine – Vision, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Ant-man, Winter Soldier, Falcon, Black Widow, Iron Patriot, with two new editions: Black Panther and finally, a good screen version of Spiderman. Good thing Quicksilver died, otherwise they wouldn’t have had space to fit him on screen.

But despite the gi-normous cast, the Russo brothers somehow manage to fit everyone on without it feeling rushed, poorly pieced together, or any of the characters feeling flat and dull. Each hero as their own mini-arc which etched their character a little more clearer within the MCU. Especially Tony Stark. Man, is he so messed up right now.

And the fight scenes. Marvel Studios always did a great job with fight scenes, but some shots here were very memorable. Winter Soldier snatching a speeding motorcycle out of mid air to use; Ant Man parodying Godzilla; Spiderman handing Falcon and Winter Soldier their asses while being a smart mouth. Just seeing everyone trying to tear each other apart is more satisfying than any other superhero I’ve seen in awhile. And yes, I’ve seen Batman Vs Superman.

What sucked? It’s a Marvel Studios movie, their villains have never been their strong point. The villain in this one never felt like a menace or a threat; he neither had a compelling story or an interesting character; and really, this whole Civil War business could have been avoided if everyone just stayed AT HOME. If they all just said, “You know what, I’m going to pass on this one,” Cap and Iron Man might still be best friends. But I guess if super heroes, were complacent, they wouldn’t be very super, would they?

Overall, great movie. Superheroes made things go boom at the right times at the right amounts. Marvel still needs a villain recruitment drive.

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